ACM-Nominated, Billboard Top-10 charting country band, The Lost Trailers, known for smash 2000’s country hits like “Holler Back” and “How ‘Bout You Don’t”, are back with their latest 12-song album entitled Silent City, released on 4/14/20.

Imagine a day in New York city in early March. In the Theater District hundreds of people gather outside the Broadway and Times Square excited to see their favorite shows.  Thousands of people walk the streets filled with the sounds of construction and the glint of yellow cabs passing by. And then suddenly it all stopped. 

The Lost Trailer’s lead single Silent City reflects the struggles we are now experiencing as a nation and world, as it speaks to two lovers who were just embarking on a relationship, until normal life as we know it goes quiet.

Lead singer Jeff Dane says, “This album is a statement about where we are as a country. I know there is a lot of darkness out there, but we also wanted to embody some hope as well. I believe that we can do our small part to move people going through this strange time in our world”.

Several other songs on the album including “5th of July”, “California Ain’t That Far” and “Nothing Sweet About Alabama” speak to a coming-of-age loss of innocence.   Dane says “sure, some of our fans may see the album as a little too real, but country music has always been about speaking the truth”. Other songs on the album including “After All These Beers” and “Coins” reference Dane’s former stint in rehab and subsequent recovery. “Again, we didn’t want to make candy-coated country, we wanted an album that discussed real issues people are dealing with now.”  

The track “Right There with You” pays tribute to our military and the reflective “Leave You with a Song” ends the new record. Dane responds, “. It’s our goal as a band to leave anyone who listens with a great song, something that is going to make them reflect and feel something”.

We’re sure you will agree as Silent City represents The Lost Trailers best work to date, and is sure to appeal to country fans new and old.

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